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 CIT2013 en Papers de Turisme

Ya está diponible en la revista "Papers de Turisme" la Conferencia CIT2013: Innovación en Turismo y Hostelería organizada por Florida Universitaria, la red SPACE y la Fundación Ulysses el pasado mes de Abril.

El Comité Científico del CIT2013 alcanzó un acuerdo con la revista académica Papers de Turisme para publicar un monográfico específico de la Conferencia, en el que recoger las comunicaciones académicas seleccionadas por los evaluadores del Comité Científico, artículos de ponentes con las aportaciones realizadas durante la Conferencia, Conclusiones y la Declaración de Valencia, así como comunicaciones que expresaran la visión sobre la innovación en el sector turístico de las instituciones que respaldaron este evento.

Dicho monográfico (nº 54) ha sido publicado online recientemente en la web de Papers de Turisme:

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Eva Blasco - Vice-president of the European Travel Agent's and Tour Operator's Association - ECTAA
Eva Blasco - Vice-president of the European Travel Agent's and Tour Operator's Association - ECTAA 

I would like to congratulate Florida Universitaria on their courage in organizing such a forum as CIT2013 in these difficult times, when we tend to focus exclusively on a daily basis ignoring that innovation is key in the tourist sector. Initiatives like this help us remember it and become richer.

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FEHR brings his support to CIT2013
FEHR brings his support to CIT2013

The President of FEHV (the Valencian Federation of Hospitality and Leisure) and  CONHOSTUR brings his support to CIT2013. A meeting has been held this morning in which this leading representative of the Valencian tourist sector has provided his contributions in order to make this international Conference a must to all those professionals and experts who rely on innovation as a strategy for competitiveness and future perspectives.

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Barbara Jamison: Keynote speaker confirmed
Barbara Jamison: Keynote speaker confirmed

Ms Barbara Jamison, member of London & Partners, has confirmed she will participate in CIT2013 in the “Accommodation, leisure & events management” panel that will take place on 18 April in Benidorm.

London & Partners is a not-for-profit, public private partnership, funded by the Mayor of London and a network of commercial partners. London & Partners was created in order to bring together the remits of the capital's promotional agencies: Think London, Study London and Visit London.

Ms Jamison has over 25 years business experience. Her career includes working in the export business, wine industry and all aspects of tourism. Her career in tourism has provided Barbara with a 360 degree expertise in the following fields: educational travel, consumer travel, travel trade, corporate travel, business events and incentives, non for profit association and congresses, as well as major events as the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and the promotion of 1st and 2nd tier destinations.

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Keynote Speakers: Quique Dacosta confirmed
Keynote Speakers: Quique Dacosta confirmed

Quique Dacosta, the renowned Spanish chef and owner of the three-star Michelin Guide awards restaurant “Quique Dacosta”, is already confirmed as one of the experts to participate in the Culinary Experience panel that will take place in Benidorm on the 18th April.

Quique Dacosta is recognized all around the world for his artistic culinary expression. He uses the culture, characteristics and lifestyle of his territory as a flagship for quality, excellence, innovation and tradition that contributes to the projection of the Valencia region from a tourist, cultural and artistic point view.

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EXTENDED Early Bird Fee
EXTENDED Early Bird Fee

We are pleased to inform you that the early bird fee register for CIT2013 has been extended until March 15.

For registrations:

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Keynote Speakers confirmed
Keynote Speakers: Professor Chris Cooper confirmed

Professor Chris Cooper has already confirmed his participation as Keynote Speaker at CIT2013. He is Pro-Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Business Faculty at Oxford Brookes University (UK) and he has more than twenty-five years’ experience in the tourism sector as a researcher and professor.

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Mr Maurizio Davolio confirmed
Keynote speakers confirmed

The president of EARTH (European Alliance of Responsible Tourism and Hospitality), Mr Maurizio Davolio, and the Secretary General of the Spanish Confederation of Hotels (CEHAT), Mr. Ramón Estalella, are already confirmed as KEYNOTE SPEAKERS of CIT2013.

Other renowned professionals are also confirmed in the experts’ panels.

For further information, please visit the “Keynote speakers” section at:

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Abstracts submission
Abstracts submission

Brazil, Kenya, México, USA, Denmark, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Serbia, .... will be part of CIT2013.

More than 40 diverse and interesting abstracts have been already accepted. Authors have been invited to submit the final paper by 15/02/2013

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EXTENDED Abstract Submission Deadline
EXTENDED Abstract Submission Deadline

We are pleased to inform you that the deadline for abstract submission for CIT2013 has been extended until December 16.

We are looking forward to receiving your abstracts and to sharing research and interesting experiences on innovation in tourism.

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